​​​​​​Le Tour de Christ ®

Practice a Sport of
Love, Peace & Holiness​​



About Tours

​  -bring people to Christ...                                 

                   ...through the sport of Cycling-

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The different tours, in Le Tour de Christ, are

symbolic tours. They do not represent the only

places or paths where Jesus Christ dwells. As we

know it, the Son of God dwells at the right hand

of God the Father. He is the Word of God, the

King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Lion

of Juda, the Lamb of God.

In him are hidden All the Treasures of the

Wisdom and Knowledge of God, he has Total

Authority in Heaven and on Earth, and he has

The Keys of Death and Hades.

But, as we are humans, and limited to our

physical condition, and restricted by the physic

laws, we have no other choice than to create a

bicycle tour for us, representing symbolically,

a tour where we can Meditate & Pray

while we ride with Christ.

Le Tour de Christ is open to everyone and

everywhere; learning, teaching, meditating and

praying; and conducting ourselves following

the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Le Tour de Christ is an opportunity for you to

transform your life into a “Tour with Christ”.

Each tour will take you to a resting-prayer stop,

-a church-, where you can read The Word of

the Day, and Meditate & Pray while you rest.

You can also find information about that

particular church, related to:

-Welcome Someone In-

​-Food for the Hungry-

-Drink for the Thirsty-

​-Clothe the Needy-

 -Visit the Sick-

-Visit the Prisoner-

Le Tour de Christ will help you transform your

life, into a “Life of Serving God”, without the

need of becoming a full time priest or deacon;

​by just “fine tuning” certain priorities in your

life, and committing time to volunteer in the

different ministries, you can ride Le Tour de

Christ with family, friends or co-workers.

Le Tour de Christ is a personal encounter with

Christ, the Jesus Christ within you; with Your

Heart, with the Love, Peace & Holiness inside
that some times is being oppressed

by the Devil, but ready to come out,

and to be shared with the entire world.

Who reigns inside of you? Is it Jesus?

Le Tour de Christ will help you

accomplish just that.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get on your bike, pedals-on, start riding, and

have an awesome Le Tour de Christ,

and enjoy the ride with:

God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit;

with the Blessed Virgin Mary,

Saint Joseph her spouse, and all

the Angels & Saints.


Your brothers and sisters in Christ,


Le Tour de Christ