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- Charitable -


-bring people to Christ...                        

                            ...through the sport of cycling-


Individual Club Membership

​​​Le Tour de Christ ®


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            Individual Club Membership








       * Includes Club's T-Shirt.
       * Includes participation in:


       * Includes use of Cycling Tours assisted with GPS.

       * Includes participation in Religious Education.
                - On-Line/Site educational programs and files.

       * Includes use of On-Line Cloud Collaboration:
                - Ride Schedules and Upcoming Events.
                - Voice and Video calling to other members.
                - Sharing files with other members.
                - GPS Assisted Tour maps.
                - Team's Fundraising tools.
                - On-Line Payment methods.


*  Pricing and offerings are subject to change at any time         
without written notice. Terms and conditions may apply.