​​​​​​Le Tour de Christ ®

​​​​​​​​​​​The LTDC Cycling Club's team
Raising Funds to Feed-the-Hungry

List of Religious Congregations of the Tour 
1) St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church

2) St. Vincent de Paul (at St. Elizabeth of Hungary)
3) Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa

​​​​​​    with Mother Teresa

List of Religious Congregations from
virtual groups of the club

~ Tigre, Buenos Aires - Argentina ~ 
1) Capilla San Martin de Porres
2) Capilla Niño Dios

~ Tamarindo, Guanacaste - Costa Rica ~ 
1) Tamarindo Church
2) Santa Maria Catholic Church

Event Day - Saturday, September 5th 2020

(Tentative Schedule)


- St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church -

3331 NE 10th Terrace,

Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Registration/Check-in & Coffee/Bagels --- 5:50-6:10 am

(Each participant brings its own breakfast)

Club Photo with the Flag ---6:10 am

Prayer before Start ---6:15 am

   Cycling/ Run/ Walk --- Leaves at 6:20 am

​(Runners and Walkers go by Car to Pompano Tri-Rail Station)


Pompano Beach Tri-Rail Station

Train Departs at 6:40 am



- Cycling - Running - Walking -

You can see the LTDC Cycling Club's team in the following playlist;
LTDC Cycling Team in 


















​​We invite you to participate in a brotherly union,
under a mission of “Love, Peace & Holiness”
for our Brothers and Sisters, suffering from

Hunger of Food and Brotherly Love:

The 2020 Le Tour de Christ to Feed-the-Hungry is a
charitable sports event, from Pompano Beach to Miami,

connecting 9 Tri-Rail Stations, and  7 Metro-Rail Stations,

to participate in Mother Teresa's mission to help

the poorest of the poor, the Homeless.  
Jesus said:

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.”

(Matthew: 25:35)​

This is our first Le Tour de Christ to Feed-the-Hungry

charity event, organized by Club Members and Emmaus

Brothers and Sisters, from different parishes in South

Florida. The event tours to Mother Teresa's

mission in Miami, which includes, feeding  and sheltering

the homeless, distributing bags of food to nearby poor

 neighborhoods, and sending food, clothes, hygiene

supplies, and other articles for basic necessities,

to her mission in Haiti. (We accept things for Haiti)

Donations are Closed

From Santa Clara Metrorail Station

to the Mission of Mother Teresa


Stage 2 -     


Stage 2 -     





  (3.7 miles)

- Event Day -

September 5th, 2020


-Club's Charitable Cycling Events-

"Feed-the-Hungry" is our Club's tour name 
to participate in Mother Teresa's ministry.

​​​​​​       to Feed-the-Hungry

​(GPS Assisted Tours)

Performance Results from
LTDC Cycling Club at Feed-the-Hungry

From St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church

to Pompano Beach Tri-Rail Station

Free Registration

Athlelets are
​welcome  to donate

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