-transform disciples...                         

                      ...into “Loved Disciples”-

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​“I AM the Bread of Life”; “I AM the Light of the World”;

“I AM the Door of the Sheepfold”; “I AM the Good She-

pherd”; “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”; “I AM the

Way, ​the Truth, and the Life”; “I AM the True Vine”;

“Truly, truly, I say to you, if anyone keeps my word,

he will never see death” ; “Whoever lives and

believes in me shall never die”.

Je sus Christ


Get to know -Jesus Christ- and -Virgin Mary-
​in God's Plan for Salvation


Educational Music

Our Father (English - Andrea Bocelli)

Our Father (Spanish - Alessandra Sorace)

Ave Maria (Caccini by Katherine Jenkins)

Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod by Jackie Evancho)

Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod by Andrea Bocelli)

Ave Maria (Schubert by Andrea Bocelli)

Ave Maria (Schubert by Chris Botti)

Psalm 50 (Aramaic - Father Serafim)

The Prayer (Andrea Bocelli - Katherine McPhee)


Educational Prayers & Meditations

God's Plan for Salvation through the
Prayer & Meditation of the Holy Rosary

Prayer of Good Humor from St. Thomas More


Educational Sacraments

God's Plan for Salvation through the
Holy Sacraments


Educational Programs
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Queen of Heaven (Trailer) (Promo Video) (Sample Lesson 2)

 1 - The Battle Begins - (Lesson Video) (Spiritual Life Video)

 2 - The Annunciation - (Lesson Video) (Spiritual Life Video)
 3 - The Sorrowful Mother -
(Lesson Video) (Spiritual Life Video)
 4 - Mother of the Church -
(Lesson Video) (Spiritual Life Video)
 5 - Guadalupe -
(Lesson Video) (Spiritual Life Video)
 6 - Lourdes -
(Lesson Video) (Spiritual Life Video)
 7 - Fatima -
(Lesson Video) (Spiritual Life Video)

 8 - The Consecration - (Lesson Video) (Spiritual Life Video)


Jesus Revealed (Trailer, Lesson and Life Application Sample 
 1 - The Way, the Truth and the Life -
(Lesson) (Life App.)
2 - The Lion of the Tribe of Juda - (Lesson) (Life App.)

3 - The Lamb of God - (Lesson) (Life Application)
4 - First-Born of the Dead - (Lesson) (Life Application)
5 - King of Kings - (Lesson) (Life Application)
6 - Word of God - (Lesson) (Life Application)
7 - I AM - (Lesson) (Life Application)
8 - Son of God - (Lesson) (Life Application)

9 - Son of Man - (Lesson) (Life Application)
10 - Savior of the World -
(Lesson) (Life Application)

11 - Precious Cornerstone - (Lesson) (Life Application)

​  12 - Bridegroom - (Lesson) (Life Application)
13 - Bread of Life -
(Lesson) (Life Application)
14 - The Good Shepherd -
(Lesson) (Life Application)
15 - True Vine -
(Lesson) (Life Application)

16 - Dawn from on High - (Lesson) (Life Application)
17 - Pioneer & Perfecter of our Faith -
(Less.) (Life App.)
18 - Alpha and Omega -
(Lesson) (Life Application)