This is our club’s “Sponsorship” program

    for children that have been born and live

    in poverty. The objective of these pro-

    grams is to create, for these children, a

    path out of poverty. Already exist chari-

    table organizations that do this, which

    can be grouped in two categories:

            * Route out of Monetary Poverty
            * Route out of Heath Poverty

    The objective of our program is not to compete with

    these charitable organizations, and provide the same

    service they provide, but to team work with them.


    We utilize their existing program as a platform, to

   “sponsor” these children in poverty through our club.

     How do we do it? Through a club membership, that

    we call: Individual Club Membership -Charitable-”.

    By doing it this way, club members can "team up" to

    pay the monthly sponsorship fee of the child.

    The program becomes a Ministry for Children, where

    the sons and daughters of the club members can en-

    gage in communicating with the children in poverty

​    via mail, in the form of drawings and pictures, super-

​    vised by an adult member of the club.









-bring people to Christ...                        

                            ...through the sport of cycling-

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