​​​​​​Le Tour de Christ ®

​​​​​​- for Child-in-Poverty -

-Sponsor LTDC Cycling Club's team...                   
           ...in the Club's charity cycling events

​​LTDC - 30K Road Bike (18.7 miles)

(GPS Assisted Tours)

​​​​9) St Ambrose Catholic Church
10) Community Presbyterian Church

11) Cathedral Church of God

12) Deerfield Church of Christ

13) St Mary Episcopal Church
14) Zion Lutheran Church

15) Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
(FINISH)  16) Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church  (FINISH)

(START)  1) Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church  (START)
2) Gethsemane Christian Center
3) Grace Baptist Church

4) International Church of the Grace of God
5) St Nicolas Episcopal Church
6) St Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church
7) First Brazilian Presbyterian Church
8) St Paul the Apostle Catholic Church
9) St Ambrose Catholic Church