​​​Le Tour de Christ ®


Why the Name?
-"LTDC" stands for "Le Tour de Christ"-​

​​​Emmaus & The Holy Mass















It is called “Le Tour de Christ”, because
“The Road to Emmaus” was a Tour of Christ,
from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Emmaus being
the place where Jesus performed the following
actions: Took Bread (The Offertory), Gave
Thanks to God
(The Consecration), Broke
the Bread
(The Braking of the Bread), and
Gave it to Them (The Communion): These
four actions, also performed previously by Jesus,
before his crucifixion, at The Last Supper
with his twelve Apostles, represents the basis of
The Eucharistic Liturgy, celebrated at mass
by the Priest. The Altar as the table of “The
Perpetual Sacrifice”
. The central point of the
Roman Catholic Church: “He who eats my
flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and
I will raise him up on the last day”
(John 6: 51-58).
For this reason, the tours of the club are
connecting churches, and each church
represents the Altar, an Emmaus, where
“The Supper of the Lord” is taking place,
“The Perpetual Sacrifice”.

The following graphics explain “The Way
to Emmaus”
, from the point of view of the
story in the Bible, the Gospel of Luke; and
the point of view of “The Holy Mass”.