​​​​​​Le Tour de Christ ®


           Individual Club Membership 



     The Individual Club Membership is

     offered in two ways:

Standard Membership: 


          This is a yearly fee associated to the Club's T-Shirt

          or Jersey. This membership requires to ride at least

          one Part or a Stage of a Club's Cycling Tour located
here; it also allows the member to participate as a
LTDC Cyclist in the Team, representing our club,
          that will particip
ate in a Charitable Cycling Event.

    * Charitable Membership: 
         This is a monthly fee membership that allows a

          member to participate in a "sponsorship" program

          for children in poverty. This membership does not

          require the member to ride a Cycling Tour. The

          Tour required to ride, is a Financial Tour, is the

          monthly fee to "sponsor" a child in poverty.

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​  *  Pricing and offerings are subject to change at any time         
without written notice. Terms and conditions may apply.     






-bring people to Christ...                        

                            ...through the sport of cycling-