​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​-Mission of the Club-

•Messengers of Love, Peace & Holiness.
•Bring People to Christ through Sports.
•Promote Family Time & Unity.
•Transform Disciples into Loved Disciples.
Have Fun and Share Happiness.

















​​We do this with the following scripture in mind:

“Don’t Forget the Mission”
 ~ Mark 6:7-13 ~

* Jesus sends the twelve, two by two,

giving them power over the unclean spirits.
* He order them not to take anything with them,

only a rod, sandals, and a tunic.
* He told them to enter where there will be received.
* He told them that where they are not being welcomed,

to shake the dust of their feet as a warning against

them, and to move on to another place.
* The disciples went to preach repentance.

They expelled the demons, they anointed

the sick with oil and healed them.

Jesus calls the twelve and sends them. It is the essence

of the apostle, to be sent. Jesus has summoned them

to live with him and to learn from him, but putting

his sight forward, in the mission he will confer them.

And today we see in what consists that mission, to

prolong the prophetic activity of his master. But as

Jesus, they must do it under the symbol of poverty.

They don’t have to worry much about the mediums

for the mission, but in the essence of the same. Saint

Ambrose said that the precepts of the gospel indicate

what must do the one who announces the kingdom of

God, without crosier, without saddlebag, without

footwear, without bread, without money; that is to say,

without looking for the help of worldly aid, abandoning

everything to faith, and thinking that while the less

we long for the temporal goods, more we can obtain

them. The apostles preach, expel demons, and heal

the sick because Jesus has given them the power; is

the same power that we have received as church, it

is the only power that we must look for, not the one

that the material means give, therefore, we must care

not to deviate ourselves from the essence, that is to

announce Christ. Pope Francis said in a homily that,

by deviating from the essence of the announcement,

there is a risk of misrepresenting the mission of the

church, and therefore, the effort to alleviate the

various forms of misery is emptied from the only

thing that counts, bring Christ to the poor, to the

blind, to the prisoners. It is true that we need help

and create organizations that can offer that help,

because the Lord gives us the means. But, when we

forget the mission, we forget poverty, we forget the

apostolic zeal, and we put the hope in the means, the

church slowly ends in a type of ONG ~Organizzazione

Non Governementale~, it converts in a pretty and

powerful organization, but not evangelical,

because is missing the spirit, the poverty,

and the strength to cure.

Lets recite together this prayer:

 Lord, you sent me to announce you and you

accompany me with your power, that today I can

proclaim your name and bring your comfort

to those who you put in my way. Amen

 And that the blessing of God Almighty;
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
accompany us always. Amen

Homily from Father Pedro Brassesco


​​​     -The Mission of LTDC Cycling Club-​

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