-3rd. Party Charity Cycling Events-

~Ride 4 Orphans~
Feb. 16th 2019

​The LTDC Cycling Club's team in its
Raising Funds for Ride 4 Orphans

​​You can see the LTDC Cycling Club's team passing by

in the minute 2:24 of the Ride 4 Orphansvideo.

The third party charity cycling event Ride 4 Orphans

raises funds for the following orphan projects:


* The Global Orphan Project *

~Pothawira Village in Malawi~

~Sarampet Village in India~

* Mission Chad *

~Village Altonodji in Chad~

* ESMI *
~Transition Home for Boys at Jeremie in Haiti~
* Place of Hope *
~Foster Care in South Florida - USA~
* 4KIDS of South Florida *
~Foster Care in South Florida - USA~


​On June 22nd 2019, part of the proceeds
from the
Ride4Orphans charity cycling event

were distributed to the two local Foster Care

organization in South Florida:

​​* Place of Hope *
* 4KIDS of South Florida *​


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