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Holy Sacraments​​

​  -share awareness of Holiness...                            

                      ...through “The Holy Sacraments”-






​​Share Awareness of

“Love, Peace & Holiness” 

and transform “disciples”

into “Loved Disciples”


(Lesson 1)  “The Sacraments”  (Lesson 1)​ 
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What good is it to say: “I have Faith”, if one
oes not partake in the sacramental rites
ordained by God? Let us assume from the
beginning that these sacraments are a mecha-
nism of purification and sanctification, designed
by God, which keeps us united to Jesus Christ,
the True Vine, and which helps us cleanse
ourselves, so that we may be able to bear
​more fruit
(Read John 15:1-17) :

-Holy Baptism- 

-Holy Confirmation-

-Holy Eucharist-

-Holy Matrimony-

  -Holy Penance & Reconciliation-

-Holy Anointing of the Sick-

-Holy Orders-