​​​​​​Le Tour de Christ ®


Tour Safety

​​​​​​​​​​​Rule -1- 

The # 1 Concern  to each participant

should be “SAFETY” for one-another.

Rule -2-

Ride during the day.

Rule -3-

Ride with front and rear lights turned on;

do not wear headphones nor talk on the phone;
do not videotape nor take photos.

Rule -4-

Always take the roads with bike lanes.

If the tour takes you on roads with no bike

lanes, then ride on the sidewalk, or else,

be extremely cautious conserving the right

side of the road as much as possible.

Rule -5-

Avoid construction roads by

riding on the sidewalk.

Rule -6-

Be careful with the seam between the road

pavement and the sidewalk, and the road

drainage, as these could be unleveled, crea-

ting a dangerous surface for the front wheel

to get stuck, causing a fall and an injury.

Rule -7-

Be careful with distracted car drivers,

turning in front of you, and becoming an

obstacle were you could crash into.

Rule -8-

Watch out for debris on the road:

branches, metals, glass, rocks, bolts,

construction waste, tools, etc.

Rule -9-

Carry always a spare tube and an inflator;

and if needed, fix your bike on the sidewalk.

Rule -10-

Pray, pray, and pray for God's protection...



-Stay Alert & Ride Safe-