​​​Le Tour de Christ ®

No video available for Tour de Cure.

The third party charity cycling event Tour de Cure

raises funds for Diabetes research and treatment,
for the American Diabetes Association.

This year, the closest Tour de Cure is at Lake Nona,

Orlando, Florida; on March 29th 2020.

The club's team will ride it virtually,
locally through some LTDC club tours
March 22nd 2020. The following
links show
the tours for Cycling, Run and Walk for the

LTDC club's team participating in...

 Le Tour de Christ ®


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(GPS Assisted Tours)​​

- for Tour de Cure (Lake Nona) -
March 22nd 2020 

​​​​​​- for Third Party Tours -


Sunday, March 22th 2020
(Tentative Schedule)

Our Lady  of Mercy Catholic Church
5201 North Military Trail
Deerfield Beach, FL 33064

​Pedals Up --- 7:25-7:30 am

60K Road Bike --- Leaves at 7:30 am
12K Run/Walk  (East-Tour) --- Leaves at 7:40 am
​12K Run/Walk  (West-Tour) --- Leaves at 7:55 am
5K Run/Walk --- Leaves at 8:00 am

Breakfast at 9:30 am ($8)

Lates return to Our Lady of Mercy, by 10:00 am

Cool-Off and prepare for Holy Mass --- 10:00-10:25 am

Attend Holy Mass Celebration at

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church
(Starts at 10:30 am)

Continued Breakfast at 11:30 am ($8)

​​-3rd. Party Charity Cycling Events-

~Tour de Cure~
Mar. 22th 2020

​The LTDC Cycling Club's team in its
Raising Funds for Tour de Cure

Cycling - Road

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