h) Repeat point “g)” 

for ​​each stop until

the tour is complete.

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user guide

​​​     -bring people to Christ...                         

​            ...through the sport of cycling-​

next to the first church (Our Lady of Mercy).
​This will open the Menu options of the tour.

Our Lady of
Mercy. Click
on the three
dotted line

Your phone's screen should look like the screenshot on the left.
f) Click “START” and

Google Maps will
take you to the next
stop, using your GPS
location on the tour
and providing voice
recorded directions.

b) Each stop corresponds to a
church or a turning point on

that tour. In this example,

there are 5 churches and 4
turning points. The first being


g) Once you arrive to

the 2nd stop; press “START” again to set

up the tour for the

​new location.

c) Click the “Edit stops
option; and select the

first church, where you

supposed to be at, with

your bike, to start that

tour. In ​this case you

should be at Our Lady

of Mercy.

This will open a Google Maps

link with multiple stops for the

tour. ​In this example, the first

one being Our Lady of Mercy.

a) Click the button
of a tour. ​​​For example:
Tour -1-  Part 1 - AM 

i) You can do this while riding your bike, if

your phone is set up on your bike's handlebar.

d) Select the 1st church

(Our Lady of Mercy)

by pressing the name

one time, and replace

it with your location.

You do this by clicking

on the X next to Our

Lady of Mercy        ,

and then selecting:

“Your location”; which

is your actual position.

Therefore, the GPS on

your phone will now
synchronize with the

first church at the tour.

In this case, “Our Lady

of Mercy” was replaced

​with “Your location”.

e) Then click “DONE”