​​​​​​Le Tour de Christ ®

Why the Name?
-"LTDC" stands for "Le Tour de Christ"-​



​​​Why the Name?

-Le Tour de Christ-

















The acronym “LTDC” in the name of the club:

LTDC Cycling Club, means in French:

“Le Tour de Christ”; and the

English translation is: “The Tour of Christ”.

The club was founded by Emmaus’ brothers
and sisters. These are those who had lived the
 retreat called:
“The Way to Emmaus”,
in the Roman Catholic Church.

Although the foundation of the club is through
brothers and sisters from the Catholic Church,
the club is open to everyone that, primarily,
has an interest in bringing people to Christ
through the sport of cycling.

It is called “Le Tour de Christ” because the
tours designed by the club are connecting
churches. These churches included in the
tours are first, Catholic Churches, as it is a
known and simple base to start the design of
a tour. In these routes connecting Catholic
Churches, we also include other churches that
we found in our path.
These churches could
be from any other
Christian denomination.